Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Herbal Salves

Arnica montana
I love to prepare plant salves and other plant medicines for the body and soul. Plants have healing properties that can transform and integrate our bodies and connect us to elemental energies that vibrate in all of us.

You can use plant medicines in so many ways to keep in touch with your basic nature. You can smell them, you can apply them to your skin and hair, you can carry them with you so that at at any time you can pause and breathe in and connect with their healing and strengthening vibrations, the places they grew, and the universal energies that created them.

Please contact me to send you a salve or create something special for you that exactly suits your needs at the moment. Do you need something soothing, calming, moisturizing, cooling, warming, energizing, toning, pain relief? Something else? 

Lucinda Tear is an ARCB certified reflexologist practicing in Winthrop, Washington, in the heart of the Methow Valley. 

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